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My experiences with Google wave (Preview)

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I don’t like wave.

Google wave
I got my google wave invite today. I signed up for wave service and tried my hands at it. Since currently Google wave is preview release, therefore it needs a lot of polishing before it is really useful. Some of my experiences (both positive and negative) with Google wave include:

1. Since this is a preview release, therefore lots of glitches exist but I believe that since Google is involved this will get better with time.

2. You need to clear cache frequently (or it atleast appears so).

3. Many waves like welcome wave etc are not immediately visible after signup.

4. Searching for all public waves requires one to type “with:public” in search box. This works most of times but sometimes you need to use alternative syntax that was available on google wave support forums which I cannot locate now. Moreover, searching for this slows down my box (P4 with OpenBSD 4.5) like hell. I’m never gonna try it again 😦

5. I want to send 20 invites accompanying my wave account to some of my friends. But I cannot find any “invite” option.

6. Overall interface looks nice and feels intuitive.

7. Wikipedia says:

“….Google wants the Wave protocol to replace the e-mail protocol.”

Will this really happen ever? Google wave is good medium for communication (similar to social networking) and collaboration but it’s never gonna replace email. I’m ready to bet a blank cheque that wave cannot replace email. I don’t know about others but the community of programmers, developers, network admins etc will never use wave for purposes that are presently satisfied by email.

More about wave later (if I find some time that I’m sure I’ll never find 😉 )…

I don’t like wave.



Written by Amber Jain

October 28, 2009 at 5:13 PM

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  1. Fantastic, I didn’t heard about this topic till now. Thanks!


    December 11, 2009 at 2:51 PM

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